That’s odd. Those fans of the Ottawa Senators hockey franchise don’t seem to be too fond of Dany Heatley. Strange.

We see some true wit in this brief clip showing Ottawa as the city spills out all of its hatorade. It’s highlighted by the clever use of duck tape to block out the letters on a Heatley T-shirt jersey to spell “hate.” Hey, Ottawa’s come a long way from fan rallies measured by the dozens.

The world of sports is filled with hate tonight between Heatley’s return to Ottawa, and the not-so pleasant homecoming of LeBron James in Cleveland. But, as we all expected, Scott Gomez going back to the swamp again as the Habs visit New Jersey has generated by far the most venom. Those empty seats can really get under a guy’s skin.

There’s nothing like a good ‘ol fashioned jersey throwing too. Back in hockey’s glory days I hear this is how Harold Ballard would choose his team every year. He’d just throw a bunch of random jerseys on the ice, and the ones that landed with the name and number showing were the “winners.” That man was a pioneer.

The creativity just keeps oozing with the “Leafs suck” jersey fail.