Jumping Ship?

What would it take for you to abandon your favourite team and start rooting for the enemy?  Would you ever do it?  Are there any circumstances where you could see yourself throwing away the jersey of the team you’ve supported for years and putting on the colours of a hated rival?

We’re not talking about cheering for one team after your team is eliminated from the playoffs or having two favourite teams.  It’s possible to cheer for both New Jersey and Nashville, for example.  They don’t really have any history with one another and rarely play against each other.

What we’re talking about becoming a Blackhawks fan after spending decades cheering for the Red Wings or putting on a Sidney Crosby jersey and destroying your lifelong connection to the Philadelphia Flyers.

Would you ever do it?

george1984 on Reddit (George Bel everywhere else) has decided to go for it.  Much like the Leafs fan who put his loyalty up for sale on eBay last year, Bel says he’s done supporting the Toronto Maple Leafs.  He then takes it one step further.  He’s going to become a fan of the rival Montreal Canadiens.

Why?  He prepared an infographic to explain his decision.

The evidence is compelling, but it still seems like it will be a difficult jump to make.  Can someone go from idolizing Darryl Sittler, Borje Salming and Wendel Clark to worshiping Jean Beliveau, Maurice Richard and Guy Lafleur?

Bel thinks he can and he explains his decision in detail:

I’m officially jumping ship to our neighbours to the east, the mighty Canadien. And to combat the onslaught of virtual boo’s, jeers, and finger pointing that will come my way in lieu of this announcement, I’ve taken the time (time that I have too much of, there, I beat somebody to it) to create an Infographic depicting how hard the leafs suck, and for how long they have been sucking.

I think it was Einstein that once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well friends, I for one know when to quit.

Stay crazy my friends.

I’ve gone off to a better place.

So would you ever do it?  Is there anything that would make you switch to a rival?  After years of building up hatred towards an organization, its players, its fans and its tradition, would you be able to switch even if you tried?

Thanks to BlogTO for bringing this to our attention.

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  1. Wow…. that takes balls.

    Here’s the thing. How do you look at sports? I know that some people think of it as entertainment. Entertainment is supposed to be fun… and losing isnt fun. So i get the appeal of jumping ship. And the Einstein quote was a nice touch…

    But for a fan that has been through the ups and downs (mostly downs) of a team for 25 years, I’m invested. I cant really jump to another team… even if i wanted to. I want MY team to win, because when they do.. after I’ve been through all of the heartbreak, it will be that much sweeter.

    Besides, if I were to ever jump ship…. I know my former team would win the next year just to stick it to me. I dont need to deal with that crap either.

  2. I’m surprised it took this long. The tail end of the Ballard years chased me away, and I was only 10 at the time.

    (A Marcel Dionne autographed picture didn’t hurt any.)

  3. Never, ever, quit on your team.

  4. We welcome all lost lambs in our fold.

    Habs Nation is coming alive…

    Joins us and you will be rewarded….

    That’s what the Leafs are getting for signing the traitor, # 8 :o)

  5. I’m with Rob, you can’t quit on your team – but you can certainly demand more from them…

  6. Ugg, how could you not do it at least unitl ticket prices come down and an owner is in place who actually cares. Its PATHETIC (yes, all caps necessary).

    BUT, the Senators are a much more natural switch for Ontario Leafs fans – you know you wanna!! :P

  7. i understand why he switched teams but to go to a rival isnt smart.i personally couldn’t jump to a rival.good luck to him and i hope that his family doesnt disown him

  8. I`ve had leafs fan coming out to me (in recent years, while the habs where making deep runs in the playoffs) saying they secretly Admire the Montreal Canadiens and wish the Leafs were half as successful as they were… So I do understand jumping ships from a Club that’s been so bad for so long.
    To this point, we’re not talking about loyalty anymore… The way I see it… it`s more like a girl’s who’s boyfriend keeps cheating on him and treating her the wrong way, and the girl assumes that it’s the way it’s supposed to be so she sticks around thinking it’ll get better sometimes…
    Staying a die hard fan of a bad organization this long does bad things to you.

  9. I can’t imagine ever jumping from the glorious Oildrop to the lowly flaming C. That said, I could envision a future where I cheered for, say, the Los Angeles Kings or Philadelphia Flyers. Highly unlikely, but not completely impossible.

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