The Worst Hockey Cards of All-Time is a new feature at Houses of the Hockey.  On occasion, we’ll be highlighting some of the ugliest, funniest, and error-ridden cards both past and present.

Billy Smith was known just as well for his temper as he was for winning four Stanley Cups with the New York Islanders.  Smith reached the 500 games played milestone during the 1984-85 season, a feat that would be commemorated on this here hockey card.  Since Billy’s Cup winning days were behind him at this point, what better way to mark this milestone than to snap a shot of him smacking a guy in the face with his blocker while another victim is lying in his wake?

This is card is so awful and awesome at the same time that I’m questioning its authenticity.  Somebody get me a Beckett…

Although we consider ourselves a bunch of nostalgia crazy hockey geeks, and have all collected cards throughout the years, we’re always looking for new cards to highlight.  If you have a hockey card you’d like to see featured, just email us at and we may post your submission.

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  1. What’s wrong with this?!? It’s the absolute best! (IMHO)

  2. @ first I thought “500 Games” was the length of his suspension.

  3. I would put this in the “awesome” category

  4. Oh, it’s awesome. 100%. Sometimes the worst cards make the best ones, if you know what I mean.

  5. …amazing


  6. The corpse at his feet really captures the spirit of the thing.

  7. My vote for the GREATEST hockey card of all time.

  8. Sorry guys, but I’m pretty certain that’s a fake. Certainly doesn’t look like an OPC or Topps card (the two licensed manufacturers during that season), so unless it’s a knock-off/small-set promotional card (like the ones ESSO put out in the late-80s) it’s not a legitimate card.

    Still pretty freaking amazing though.

  9. …a long time ago my grandfather took me to see an oldtimers game, it was billed as a rematch of the 1972 Canada and Russia series, but most of the guys playing were stand-ins because the ’72 guys were mostly old. Billy Smith was in for Esposito.

    About halfway into the third period the game really slowed down because everybody was tried and just wanted to go home. So after another dump-in behind his net, Billy checked the first Russian who came to get the puck, then “stick handled” to the blue line before passing it off…

    The next time the play got behind his net, Billy swung his stick over the net at the Russian player. I think if he had been serious about it he’d have taken the guy’s head off, but it did come pretty close regardless. That was the loudest the crowd got all night.

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