NHL legend and former Montreal Canadiens superstar Guy Lafleur played his final alumni game on Montreal ice in front of nearly 16,000 fans at the Bell Centre on Sunday.  The Flower scored a hat-trick as he thrilled Les Canadiens’ faithful one last time while skating sans helmet and sporting his famous No. 10.  The 59-year old is wrapping up one last tour on the Habs alumni circuit, which will come to an end in Quebec City on February 27th.

Lafleur is best remembered as the Canadiens’ all-time leading scorer, and as the centerpiece of five Stanley Cup champion teams in Montreal.  Lafleur’s resume is rich in accolades and awards, he is a reminder to Canadiens’ fans of the glory years – but it was the sudden disappearance of his short-lived sports drink that leaves us wanting more.

We’re talking about Flower Power:

Flower Power was a Gatorade knockoff that first appeared sometime in 1990-91 during Lafleur’s final season with the Quebec Nordiques.  You’ll be forgiven if you can’t recall its existence, as Flower Power was quickly relegated to the 2-for-99 cents cooler in most convenience stores.  Flower Power’s run as cheap alternative to Gatorade was short-lived, much like The Flower’s tenure with the New York Rangers.

The only proof of its existence these days is a couple of eBay shots of bottles filled with a urine-like substance.  You can own a bottle of Flower Power for as low as $20.00 from KiJiJi, although, we don’t recommend drinking it.

We can only hope that his hanging up of the blades will mean a return to the sports drink market for Guy Lafleur.