We had so much fun putting together our Worst Blue Jerseys in NHL History post that we’ve decided to compile a similar list for another colour that was overused in NHL history.  Especially during the 1990s, it was almost impossible to watch a hockey game without seeing a team in a black jersey.  Almost every organization had one and many teams abandoned their traditional colour schemes in order to wear “tough” black jerseys that would intimidate the competition.

These are some of the worst.

Ottawa Senators Current Third Jersey

Much like the “BOLTS” that we discussed last time, putting your team’s nickname on your jersey is just a terrible idea.  ”SENS” looks ridiculous here and reminds us of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System more than it should.  Ottawa doesn’t stop there either.  They added all kinds of confusing striping on the sleeves as well.  Argh.

Dallas Stars Current Home Jersey

The jersey itself is fine, but removing the team crest and writing the word “DALLAS” on the front just looks bad as do the large numbers on the front.  This isn’t the NBA.  The design is apparently popular however as a white version of this jersey was created and is now the team’s road jersey.

Buffalo Sabres Road/Home Jersey, 1996-2006

The jersey itself isn’t awful, but the fact that the Sabres ditched their blue and gold look for this design is the real crime here.  As we mentioned, many NHL teams threw out their traditional colours and switched to black in the 90s and this was one of the worst examples of that trend.  Also, the team is named the Buffalo SABRES not the Buffalo Buffalo.  There’s a buffalo on the logo, but no sabres at all except for on the shoulder.  Futhermore, the logo looks more like a goat than a buffalo.  It’s just a bad idea.

Dallas Stars Third Jersey, 2003-2006

We don’t want to pick on Dallas too much, but we couldn’t let this one slide.  Like the Sabres jersey above, the Stars’ design itself isn’t bad and we like the addition of red to the colour scheme.  However, the bull on the front – nicknamed the “Mooterus” due to it’s similarity to a female reproductive organ – is the reason this jersey is one of the worst.

Pittsburgh Penguins Third Jersey/Road Jersey, 1995-2002

One of the first alternate jerseys in the league, this Penguins jersey is radically different from their usual look.  They added grey to their colours and threw in a tremendous amount of asymmetry.  They also included a gradient, which is always a bad idea.  This jersey just screams 1990s, and not in a good way.

Phoenix Coyotes Road Jersey, 1996-2003

Where do we start with this jersey?  The Picasso-inspired logo is just awful, but the worst part of these jerseys is the bizarre trim around the sleeves, neck and waist.  This may be one of the worst jerseys ever worn in the NHL.

Vancouver Canucks Road Jersey, 1978-1985

It’s almost guaranteed that some version of a Vancouver Canucks jersey will end up on pretty much every worst jersey list, but this one definitely takes the cake.  Between the lack of a logo on the front, the giant V design and the hideous colours, this is just a mistake all around.

Thankfully, most of these teams have seen the light and changed their jersey designs which gives us hope for Ottawa and Dallas.

The Hockey Uniform Database provided a lot of information for this post and it’s always a great place to kill some time looking at jerseys.

Comments (11)

  1. How did the flames horse Jersey not make this list

  2. I thought about that one, but I actually like it. Yes, I’m the one guy that likes it.

  3. how are the penguins alternate bad?!

    one of the better alternate jerseys of all time because of the different integrations yet still keeping the teams regular logo/colours

  4. That Phoenix “Picasso Space Coyote” jersey is simply abysmal. Whoever pitched that jersey to the Phoenix organization should have been led away in handcuffs. Ditto the moron who sanctioned its use for 7 seasons. Appalling.

  5. Man, now I know for sure I was born at the wrong time: I love the Vancouver V. Might be my favourite uni of all time. No irony. No nostalgia. Everytime I see it I think stand-up goalies, cocaine at the intermission, and the Smythe division ruling the world.

  6. @DL You’re not alone. I’m a big fan of the V as well. It’s absurd, but it’s delightfully absurd.

  7. Wait a tic…

    While the Sens jersey is the ugliest of them all here, I like the Dallas ones. My buddy has an old black Yotes jersey, and its sick to wear out. I’d kill for an old style Jagr Pens jersey as well.

    Ugly at the time, but retro culture now.

  8. …the Phoenix sweater has one of the coolest NHL logos I’ve seen. If for no other reason than it looks like Homer’s Johnny Cash-voiced spirit guides cooler cousin.

  9. Ho, I so disagree with your choices. True, the Coyotes jersey is FAIL, but everything around Phoenix is. Easy call.

    The Penguins jersey is soooo slick.

    And the Canucks one, it’s like; you know when something is really really ugly that it becomes a beauty over time.

  10. I have NEVER seen that Dallas one and shit myself when I saw it

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