Everyone loves Crosby versus Ovechkin.  Well, no, not everyone.  In fact, a lot of people are pretty sick of it and the general feeling around fans of the league is that the NHL puts far too much focus on this rivalry.  To rephrase: The NHL loves Crosby versus Ovechkin.

The 2011 Winter Classic is the NHL going all out.  They’ve placed their marquee rivalry in this game and they’re hoping for a ratings bonanza.  Of course, all of the promotion for this game has centered around Crosby and Ovechkin.  To an extent it makes sense, but after a while it gets a bit ridiculous.

We’ve put together a couple other ideas for the NHL’s marketing team.

Mike Comrie VS. Boyd Gordon

Sure, the league could focus on two incredibly talented offensive players, but why would they want to do that when they have this rivalry on the table?  Nothing says thrilling entertainment like two players who’ve scored a combined total of one goal this season.  Their combined eight assists just add fuel to this sputtering fire of mediocrity.

Iceburgh VS. Slapshot

For years the NHL has told us to pay attention to the action on the ice.  For some reason, the league seems to think that the goals, assists, saves and hits are more important than the guys in costumes that run around in the stands.  We personally feel that people dressed like birds have been ignored for too long.  At the Winter Classic, the NHL has the opportunity to rectify this situation and let the healing begin.


The game is taking place at Heinz Field, and yet ketchup has hardly been mentioned.  Where is the HBO documentary on ketchup?  French fries would make a good supporting cast.

Some Kind of Giant Snowball Fight

Screw the hockey.  This is one rivalry that needs to be settled as it is on the school yard: with a snowball fight.  We expect to see Max Talbot and Marc-Andre Fleury hastily assemble a snow fort as Mike Green and Brooks Laich stockpile snowballs for a tactical assault.  At the end of the battle, instead of the traditional handshake line, we look forward to seeing every player making snow angels.  We figure it would be something like this:

The Hangovers

The game takes place on New Year’s Day when most of the fans watching at home are painfully hung over.  These fans should have their own spotlight during this big game.  There’s nothing like sitting slumped over on the couch surrounded by pizza slices and Gatorade and watching others struggle through the same pain that you’re feeling.

There you go NHL!  Feel free to use these campaigns as necessary.