The Dump and Chase – 12/9/2010

Donruss Returns!

Donruss made some ugly ass baseball cards back in the day, and the “Diamond Kings” have returned with a 2010-11 hockey set.  Much like Pro Set had done with their celebrity fan inserts, the Donruss hockey set features a ‘Fans of the Game’ line.  Her career may be a joke, but we’ll take Pamela Anderson over Ralph Macchio any day.

10 Reasons to Watch The Thrashers

There’s so many reasons to watch the Thrashers that Hockey Independent has completely overlooked my No. 1 – the blue partitions along the glass!

Tanner Glass Responds to Scrabble Challenge

You may recall a while back when we linked up Harrison from Pass it to Bulis’ Scrabble challenge to Tanner Glass… Tanner has accepted:

Apparently the word is out that I’m a Scrabble fan and I’ve actually had a few challengers. As of right now, I don’t have the time to take anyone up on their challenges, but after the new year, I’ll probably play a game with passittobulis, one of the bloggers that has taken it as far as to make shirts that are pretty sweet. Maybe we can sell some of those shirts and donate the proceeds to Canuck Place Hospice.

Sharks Comeback, 0.1 Seconds The Difference in OT

Wow, what a turn of events in Philadelphia last night.  In case you missed the action, we’ve got a neatly packaged highlight reel right here:

Jere Lehtinen Officially Retires

As New Glasgow, Nova Scotia’s first ever Dallas Stars fan, this almost brings a tear to my eye. After 14 seasons and 875 games, Jere Lehtinen is hanging ‘em up.

The Sean Avery All-Star Write-In Campaign Has Angered The Swedes

Sean Avery has more All-Star Game votes than a number of NHL superstars, including the Sedins!  Can Avery make it?  Puck Daddy’s take:

Can Avery make the All-Star game? Like we said in our ASG Election Guide: “Electing Avery to the All-Star game is like inviting two girls to the same party just to see if there’s a catfight. He’s the turd in the NHL’s punch bowl. Rangers fans are a formidable fan base, and this is an effort that could attract others for its anarchistic appeal.”

That said, there are STDs that have higher approval ratings than Sean Avery in different corners of the hockey world. New York fans and defiant puckheads might be able to keep Avery in the hunt, but we can’t see this thing getting to Vote For Rory levels.

Tom Hanks, Bernie Nicholls Fan

Courtesy of SNYRangersBlog we have a classic SNL shot of Tom Hanks sporting a Bernie Nicholls’ Rangers jersey with Aerosmith hanging around.  Bit of a fail on Hanks’ part as Nicholls’ time in New York was nothing to start purchasing sweaters over.  Should have went with Darren Turcotte, in my humble opinion…