The Dump and Chase – 12/10/2010

Matt Carkner Flicks Blood at Rangers

Here’s something new, Matt Carkner flicks blood at the Rangers bench after trading bombs with Derek Boogaard. The fight isn’t much, but watch Carkner as he skates towards the penalty box and he makes multiple flicking motions at players on the bench. I’m sure this kind of thing is commonplace in some rough and tumble Junior B leagues, but it’s kind of bush league to be going on in the NHL. Carkner recieved a 10-minute misconduct for his actions.

Markus Naslund Looks Back on Time in Vancouver

This is a solid quick read from The White Towel… Markus Naslund is in town to see his number raised this weekend, and he took some time to talk to The Province about his days with the Canucks:

There’s definitely things I would have hoped I could have done differently as a player and a captain, when you take a step back. The two biggest regrets would be the 2002-03 season and ’03-04, losing to Minny and Calgary. We had teams that in my mind could have gone all the way.

Jonas Gustavsson Speaks For All Leafs Fans

Jonas Gustavsson Loves Him Some Waffles

Craig Laughlin Swears During Capitals Broadcast?

It’s hard to tell if Laughlin actually lets one slip when he tries to say “a shinny hockey goal”, but it sure sounds like he said “shitty”.  Either way, it’s got nothing on Darren Pang – but good for a quick chuckle.