Somebody get the mustard…

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  1. So pumped to finally see this guy in the NHL, these are the types of players we need to keep pushing the game and creating interest in the NHL. I can’t believe this was his first game what a stud!

  2. Eberles goal was nicer if you consider him deking the goalie. Omarks goal was flashy not the nicest .

  3. This guy sucks compared to Always BarDown in the Peewee 6 league. he is the best player for the pittsburgh pancakes with 139 goals and 0 assists

  4. AlwaysBarDowns Coach hates Linus Omark cause he sucks, NBD is better! at least hes not in the nhl, peewee 6 is better,

  5. Erik Kardash has a sicker spin move!

  6. I suck terribly

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