The Dump and Chase – 12/13/2010

CBC’s 3D Hockey Broadcast Impressive, Not Perfect

If you’re lucky enough to own a $5500 3D television, then perhaps you caught Saturday’s inaugural broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada in glorious 3D.  According to the Canadian Press, the telecast showed some promise for the new technology – but didn’t come without its flaws:

Shots from cameras positioned along the glass give an impressive view that competes with sitting rinkside. But it’s not necessarily the best angle to actually follow the action—as cool as it is to see—and CBC was guilty a few times of lingering too long with angles that showed off the 3D effect but didn’t follow the play well.

CBC also had a few other nagging problems that should hopefully be addressed in future broadcasts, like distracting glare and reflections off the sideboard glass, and focus issues that made 3D-induced headaches feel even worse.

Gudbranson and Ellis Sticking Close to Each Other at Junior Camp

BuzzingTheNet on what could be Team Canada’s top defensive pairing at the upcoming World Junior tournament in Buffalo: Erik Gudbranson and Ryan Ellis seem to have declared themselves as defence partners… We’ll take it!

The War on Personality

Outstanding piece from Sean Leahy on Sunday that focused on NHL veterans and “the war against personality”.  If the platitudes of several NHL vets and media members are to be taken as gospel, then players like P.K. Subban and Linus Omark and their flashy ways are no good for the game.  Leahy calls it a load of crap, and I’m inclined to agree with him.  Let the kids play.

Sights From “The Big Chill”

Winging it in Motown has some shots from this past weekend’s outdoor game in Michigan which set a world record and a  Michigan Stadium attendance record of 113,411 spectators.

Alex Stalock’s Incredible Save

Woo-Sharks’ goaltender Alex Stalock absolutely robs a Brian Campbell wannabe with one of the sexiest diving glove saves you’ll see: