The Worst Hockey Cards of All-Time is a new feature at Houses of the Hockey.  On occasion, we’ll be highlighting some of the ugliest, funniest, and error-ridden cards both past and present.

Where do we start with O-Pee-Chee’s 1983-84 depiction of Mel Bridgman?  First of all, as evidenced by a severe lack of teeth and that menacing scowl – Bridgman is no prize.  Compounding matters, O-Pee-Chee’s airbrushing efforts to move Bridgman from Calgary to New Jersey resulted in some kind of bastardized Tron-meets-Geico Caveman look for poor Mel.  Brigdman’s helmet was a sore sight in real life, yet this airbrushed version manages to raise its level to downright appalling.  It doesn’t even match the rest of the Devils’ colours!

Mel Bridgman looks mad as hell here. We can only imagine his displeasure upon laying eyes on this monstrosity of a hockey card.

Stick tap Ken Reid of the NHL Network for the tip, Image via

Although we consider ourselves a bunch of nostalgia crazy hockey geeks, and have all collected cards throughout the years, we’re always looking for new cards to highlight.  If you have a hockey card you’d like to see featured, just email us at and we may post your submission.