Claude Giroux was "Dink The Clown"

This tidbit of information was brought to our attention a little while ago, but we had dismissed it as a joke.  A little bit of fact checking later, and the truth has been revealed – Claude Giroux was, in fact, Dink The Clown.

The Philadelphia Flyers’ emerging star shares his name with one of wrestling’s more infamous little people. Claude Giroux is also the name of a former WWE “midget” who portrayed such forgettable memorable characters as Dink The Clown, Little Hulkster, The Macho Midget, and Tiger Jackson.  Doink The Clown’s sidekick, like the hockey playing Claude Giroux, is of French Canadian descent.

Claude Giroux holds the dubious distinction of participating in Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s ‘Worst Worked Match of the Year’ in 1994 when The Doinks squared off against Jerry Lawler and the Mini Lawlers at Survivor Series.

There you have it; one Claude Giroux is a burgeoning NHL superstar that eats grilled cheese sandwiches, and the other was a midget wrestler.