The Dump and Chase – 12/16/2010

Bruce Boudreau’s Second Intermission Speech, 12/9/2010

Did you see the first episode of 24/7: Penguins – Capitals on Wednesday night?  If not, this clip of Bruce Boudreau attempting to rally his Capitals versus Florida last Thursday should give you an idea of how unfiltered the show is.  It’s just one episode, but it essentially looks like the Penguins do everything right while Boudreau is a bumbling fool with his squad.

Pronger Has Foot Injury

Chris Pronger suffered a “lower body injury” and did not return to the the third period of Philadelphia’s win over Montreal on Wednesday. Reports state that Pronger left the game after taking a shot off his foot. The severity of the injury is not yet known.

Stajan to Face Former Team

Dion Phaneuf is grabbing most of the headlines in anticipation of his return to Calgary, but the Flames’ Matt Stajan is set to face his former team, too. Stajan is stepping out of the pressbox, where he’s sat the last two games, and entering the lineup tonight to play against the Maple Leafs.

Will Modano Reach The Hall of Fame

I’m going to wager on ‘yes’ here, but BehindTheNet does a great job of presenting both sides of the argument. Modano was one of the great ‘three zone’ players of his generation, but his detractors may point to just one 50-goal season, no 100-point season, and no individual awards as marks against his campaign. Still, he’ll get there.

How The Flames Resemble the JFJ-era Maple Leafs

Perhaps someone actually listens to the HOTH podcast, or maybe it’s a case of ‘great minds think alike’. Anyway, @Kent_Wilson drew a comparison between the Calgary Flames current situation and the John Ferguson, Jr. era Toronto Maple Leafs on our podcast yesterday. FiveMinutesForFighting has a great post that details that comparison.

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  1. Boudreau reminds me of a swearing Teddy Ruxpin.

  2. [...] what I’ve been told. But if you thought Rex Ryan has a poop mouth, take a gander at Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau, whose penchant for profanity debuted last night on HBO’s new series 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: [...]

  3. who cares, it’s hockey. They’re grown men, for fuck sakes. If that’s what gets them motivated then so be it, if you don’t fuckin like it stick to ringette. P.S. I thought it was great to watch and did I ever have a great laugh, way to go HBO:)

  4. Are you just arguing with the voice in your head Peter? No one said they found the clip offensive or didn’t like the show.

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