Don Cherry’s “Pinko rant” at Toronto City Hall will live in infamy for all eternity, or at least as long as Cherry himself lives. ¬†Thanks to, you can own a piece of history with these nifty “Left Wing/Bike Riding Pinko” buttons.

I’ve got it on good authority that Cherry revisited his antipathy for Pinkos while addressing a crowd at a local Toronto children’s hospital last week, so you may want to get your buttons while they’re still hot.

Pinko buttons can be found in several stores across Toronto, as well as through Spacing Magazine’s website.

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  1. Can I add one to this great list?? The Microlite – lights up your remote control because as you know they never are readable in the dark and you end up hitting the wrong buttons all the time.
    this website has them:
    I got ‘em for all the folks in my family who watch TV in teh dark, or my son who games in the dark obsessively!

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