The holiday season is here.  Thoughts are turning to celebrations and decorations and presents, so we thought that this be would be a good time to take a look at some terrible jerseys that are the colours of the season: Green and Red.  Of course, outside of the Minnesota Wild, there aren’t many jerseys that are both green and red, so we’re talking about jerseys that are either green or red.

We’ve already got black and blue out of the way, so now it’s time for red and green!

Atlanta Thrashers Current Third Jersey

Oh Atlanta… these “Worst Jersey” lists wouldn’t be possible without you.  This jersey is terrible and it definitely looks more like a football jersey than a hockey one.  Once you add in the fact that the Thrashers’ debuted this red jersey at the same time as they were in the middle of marketing themselves as “Blueland,” and you’ve got some serious issues.

Ottawa Senators Third Jersey/Road Jersey, 1997-2007

The sweeping, wave of black on the jersey is awful and the forward-looking logo is much worse than the original.

(Image from The Hockey Uniform Database.)

Vancouver Canucks Third Jersey, 1995-1997

We can’t seem to find a good photo of a member of the Canucks wearing this jersey, and we can’t blame them for not wanting to be photographer wearing it.  Like with the Thrashers, it would be almost impossible to do a worst jersey post without including the Canucks.

Phoenix Coyotes Third Jersey, 1998-2003

It’s impossible to completely describe the horror of this jersey.  Not only has the Picasso Coyote been decapitated and had his head placed on this disaster, but the sleeves and waist feature a desert design including sand, cacti and a moon.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks Third Jersey, 1995-1996

Wild Wing is bursting through the ice on the front of this abomination.  Not properly displayed in this picture is the ridiculously hard-to-read font that was used for the jersey’s letters and numbers.  At least it only lasted one season.

As always, check out the Hockey Uniform Database for more terrible jerseys (and a lot of nice ones too!)