Last night the waffles returned to the Leafs.  This time it was during play and it lead to possibly the greatest call in hockey history: “It’s shot in wide of the goal aaannnndd….. waffles.”  We’re still not sure what waffles have to do with the Toronto Maple Leafs (it doesn’t look like anyone knows for sure) but that doesn’t stop the practice from being hilarious and insane.

We enjoy hilarious and insane.

Now, we would never advocate throwing items on the ice, especially not during play.  Someone could be injured and it could cost the team an advantage depending on when the item is thrown.  It’s annoying for other fans, disrupts the game and leads to long stoppages in play.  It will also likely get you kicked out of the game.

That being said, waffles aren’t the only thing you could throw on the ice.  You could throw things that actually relate to the team on the ice, for starters.

New York Islanders fans could throw fish sticks on the ice in honour of the team’s terrible jersey experiment.  Of course, if more than three fans did this and were kicked out, there would be no one left in the stands.  While we’re remembering terrible jerseys, Buffalo fans should be able to pelt the ice with slugs as well.

In New Jersey, it would make sense for people to irrationally throw money Ilya Kovalchuk, but Lou Lamoriello already did that this summer.

We’d love to see the fans in Philadelphia throw pucks on the ice, only because it would drive Chris Pronger crazy trying to pick them all up.

Blackhawks’ fans punctuating the song Chelsea Dagger by throwing small knives on the ice would probably be a really bad idea, like the the time the team screwed up sending their players qualifying offers.

If you’re looking for a more “out there” connection, Thrashers’ fans could start start celebrating the accomplishments of Dustin Byfuglien by throwing ShamWows on the ice.  Get it?  Buff?  ShamWow?

Okay… that’s reaching.  But it’s an excuse to post this:

We’re not going to describe our suggestion for Columbus Blue Jackets’ fans, but Boomer the Cannon probably has a few relatives that could find their way onto the ice.

Fans in Nashville, Pittsburgh and Phoenix could throw their Blackberry’s on the ice, as a final insult to Jim Balsillie.  There’s a rumour that Gary Bettman encourages this practice.  Leaf fans would never do the same thing however, because how would they be able to check stock tips during the game without a Blackberry?

Washington Capitals fans shouldn’t throw anything.  Instead, they should constantly swear throughout the game, as a homage to coach Bruce Boudreau.  Note: This would have happened organically if that losing streak had lasted any longer.

Finally, the people of Montreal should start tossing fried squid onto the ice in celebration of forward Mike Cammalleri.