There’s some not safe for work language in that video.

It’s that time of the year!  The time when the days get colder, the malls get busier, the bills get longer and every website puts together a bunch of “Best of” lists for the year.  And, because we enjoy following trends as well as counting stuff, we’re doing the same.

Sometimes hockey players do things that don’t contribute to the play, or help their team win or inspire their teammates to push harder.  They don’t try to serve as motivation and these players won’t be looked at too fondly for their actions.

These are the jerk moves.  The game of hockey is rough one, both emotionally and physically and sometimes, guys use this to just be jerks.

Here are our favourite jerk moves of 2010.

7. Olli Jokinen Tries To Be Tough

Crosschecking someone in the back of the head is about as jerky as it gets.  Especially when he has no idea you’re coming.

6. Don Cherry Wears Pink

It may upset people that a political clip is on here.   Regardless of your politics, the fact that Don Cherry used a completely ceremonial appearance at a completely ceremonial event to go on a political rant was a jerk move.   The fact that he used an outdated term like “pinko” was even worse.

5. Alex Semin = Olli Jokinen

Another crosscheck to the back of the head.  Still a jerk move, regardless of who’s doing it.

4. The Avery Sucker Punch

Just when Ladislav Smid thought Avery wasn’t going to fight, Sean Avery threw a punch.  It’s no surprise that Sean Avery did something to make this list in 2010.

3. Ovechkin Sprays Snow On A Kid

Whenever you target and try to humiliate or scare a defenseless child, your actions pretty much have to be considered a jerk move.  Sure, Ovechkin was probably just joking around, but that doesn’t make it any less jerky.

2. Pronger Likes Pucks

Rather than let the Blackhawks celebrate their victory and keep the game puck, Chris Pronger picks it up and takes it with him.  He did this a couple of things and later mentioned that he’d thrown the pucks in the garbage.

1. Rick Rypien Goes Nuts

Whenever you go after a fan, it’s a jerky thing to do.  It’s also a crazy thing to do.  Rick Rypien takes our top spot for charging after a fan who had the audacity to cheer at a hockey game.