On most nights, an NHL player will give you nothing but canned responses about “getting the right bounces”, “giving 110%”, or having to “get pucks deep”. Sometimes, though, players and coaches will step out of their robot selves and give us something much more memorable.

This is our attempt to gather some of our favourite post-game interviews of the last year. It’s by no means a complete list, but it’s a list nonetheless. I’m sure we’re missing some nuggets from Carey Price and Alex Ovechkin laughing with Ilya Kovalchuk, but you can rest assured there’s no Dion Phaneuf on this one.

Andy Sutton vs. “Expert” Reporter

Andy Sutton launched one of the greatest hockey memes of all-time during last year’s playoffs with this testy scrum. This guy is just trying to do his job when Sutton takes offence to his questioning of whether or not he got his elbows up on a questionable hit. Gold, pure gold.

Tortorella Goes Off on Larry Brooks

This post-game scrum is going rather well for John Tortorella until Larry Brooks squeaks in to press his buttons. Maybe not the best of their exchanges, but we’ll take it.

Burish Speaks His Mind on Pronger

Adam Burish has moved to Dallas and taken back his comments on the great puck thief since this memorable barb following the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup victory. Regardless, it’s pretty much what we were all thinking.

P.K. Subban’s Impromptu Cup Prediction

I’m not even sure if this is a post-game interview per se, but we’re including it just to make Mike Richards and Don Cherry’s heads explode.

Patrick Kane Does Not Like Taxi Cab Jokes

It was amateur hour at Fox Sports (or whoever the hell is conducting this interview) when Patrick Kane introduces his infamous cousin and the reporter interjects a quick cab joke. Kane puts the kibosh on this interview and continues to celebrate.

Sean Avery “Getting Paid By Two Teams”

Say what you will about Sean Avery, but he does have a pretty quick sense of humour.

Duncan Keith Won’t Miss His Teeth

Duncan Keith’s interviews always make for quality entertainment because he’s essentially a bushwhacker.