Nothing says decisive hockey fight victory quite like the one punch. Everybody dreams of delivering a sturdy one punch to their nemesis at some point, right? As we approach the end of 2010 we thought it would be a great idea to get some testosterone (or girl testosterone) flowing through the veins of our readers by compiling a list of the year’s top one punch knockouts.

We rounded up a total of six videos that were easily accessible via YouTube, and seeing as we don’t discriminate on fighting tactics – we’ve got sucker punches, sneak attacks, and a couple of good old mano-a-mano standoffs as well.

Definitely not for the faint of heart or those that feel squeamish watching people get their lights punched out – here are six of our favourite one punch knockouts of 2010.

Bieksa Drops Adams

Vancouver’s Kevin Bieksa throws a couple of punches here, but it’s his second bomb that puts an end to this fight before it ever got going.

Sarich Catches Chimera With A Left

Cory Sarich and Jason Chimera dance for a few seconds before Sarich gets his arm free and drops Chimera with a left. The punch doesn’t appear to be that stiff, but Chimera drops regardless.

Shelley Suckers Alberts

This one is still fresh in our memories from Tuesday night. A rather cheap punch here from an otherwise heavyweight contender in Shelley.

Milan Lucic Levels Defenseless Meyer

Atlanta’s Freddy Meyer catches Lucic with a flying elbow on a Bruins’ rush and all hell breaks loose. Lucic exacts his revenge with a sucker punch to Meyer’s face as his arms are held by an official.

Avery Catches Smid Off-Guard

Sean Avery uses a delay to catch Ladislav Smid with a stiff punch to the kisser here. Some call it a sucker punch, we say Smid should have stopped Avery with a preemptive strike.

Matt Cooke Meets Karma, Fist of Kane

Matt Cooke didn’t receive too much sympathy following this jackhammer from Evander Kane. If he likes to drink, Kane probably won’t have to pay for one any time soon.