Between the Canada and Sweden junior game and the three dozen beer already consumed by HOTH staff – there’s little chance any of us are going to remember this match up of division leaders tonight. Regardless, here’s your HOTH approved game of the night.

Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars (8:00 PM ET)

The Canucks were a strong favourite for a Stanley Cup final berth coming into the season, while the Stars were thought to be the 2010-11 version of the Phoenix Coyotes at best. Ryan Kesler has been playing some of the best hockey we’ve seen out of anyone not named Crosby this season, and the surprising Stars may meet their match tonight on home ice.

Obligatory Canucks and Stars Nostalgia

Morrow is Tougher Than Most Men, Even With Just One Leg

Our Prediction: We love the Dallas Stars and everything they’ve got going on right now, but the Canucks have been rolling and will continue to do so tonight. 4-3, make it a final.