The Brothers Grim

It’s not surprising that there’s a break in communication between Darryl and Brent Sutter. The elder Darryl brought his brother Brent to Calgary to be the coach of the team that he was managing, and now it’s only the younger Sutter that remains. According to a story from Eric Francis in The Calgary Sun, the two brothers have not spoken since Darryl Sutter’s sudden forced resignation as general manager of the Calgary Flames.

When asked as to whether he had spoken with his older brother since his dismissal, Brent Sutter lowered his eyes and quietly said “no” according to Francis. A lack of communication between the brothers is nothing new, as it  has been implied that it’s never been one of their strong suits in the year and a half they’ve spent together in Calgary.

Brent has long publicly downplayed the lack of communication between him and Darryl during their year-and-a-half together with the Flames, but when asked yesterday if he’d spoken to Darryl his honest answer said it all.

Understandably, Darryl has proven elusive since his dismissal.

He hasn’t spoken publicly and several of his players are still awaiting some sort of response after wishing him well.

Darryl Sutter stood behind both his brother Brent and assistant GM Jay Feaster during the final weeks in his role, still, it would appear as though the former GM is still rather upset with his ousting:

Darryl has apparently accepted the compensation package handed to him as part of his separation after eight years with the organization – an arrangement that had been stipulated as part of his contract in perpetuity.

One insider said one of Darryl’s last acts as GM was to endorse the job being done by both Brent and Feaster, who was then his assistant GM.

Still, it appears there are some hard feelings involving brother Brent.

It’s understandable that Darryl Sutter would be upset and not responding to his brother and former colleagues reaching out at this time. It’s been just over a week since he was asked to step down from his role, and we can sympathize with Brent Sutter and the position he has found himself in. It was Darryl that brought him into the picture in Calgary and now it’s the younger less tenured Sutter that is left to help turn around the mess made by his older brother.

There’s a great quote from Welsh poet Dylan Thomas that reads: “It snowed last year too: I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and I knocked my brother down and then we had tea”. Hopefully these brothers Sutter can bury the hatchet down the road after Darryl and the Flames pick themselves back up.