I believe we have the newest Russian tourist video. I’ve always wanted to indulge in the finest Russian lagers and vodka, and if a group of underagers can have this much fun with that wimpy American beer, their native land must be one wild ride.

Hate to rain on this glorious Russian parade, but I seem to recall a certain celebration at last year’s Olympics drawing the ire of the IOC. Meanwhile, we refer to this tournament as the “World Juniors” colloquially, but officially it was the 2011 IIHF World U20 Championship. So it’s kind of in the name that an entire team was drinking illegally in Buffalo.

There, that’s my moralist rant for the week. We all would have done the same, and here’s to hoping they get home in one piece. Hangovers come in many different varieties, but airport hangovers are by far the killer beast of the jungle.