With all the flashy shootout heroics of late it’s somewhat refreshing to see a goaltender turn the tables with some style of his own. Carey Price is sure to ruffle the feathers of Don Cherry and Mike Richards with this one as he does his best Curtis Blow impression after stopping Pittsburgh’s Chris Kunitz for the shootout win.

Price admitted in his post-game scrum that the B-Boy stance was something that he had been planning for a while.

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  1. Just to clarify I am not a Hab fan but a former goalie. It is about time the goalies stood up for themselves and showed up the shooters! I am getting tired of the players not just scoring but rubbing it in. Good for you Carey for having the balls to do what you did!!

  2. Couldn’t agree more its time for goalies to show a little swagger. next spin-a-rama move that is stopped deserves a back spin in crease.

  3. wow! slows sports news day today? how is this newsworthy? an really, who gives flying **** what mike richards says, about anything? i can’t stand a guy who takes dirty runs a prone players, calling guys out for being disrespectful. anyone who complains about this is just being childish. these guys may be pros, but they are still just playing a game. if the skaters get to do the ice sweeping upper cut, or the lambeau leap into the glass. then why are the goalies not allowed to show some swagger, when they make a big save? an before anyone tries to say i am a homer or some crap like that, i am a leafs fan!

  4. I really think you missed the whole tone of the post, Qmocean.

  5. Good for Carey Price! If goalies can’t give a little gesture after a Shootout win, I better not see a player jump into the glass again. Goalies RARELY score goals so they have to celebrate their saves, and what bigger save is there than one that clinches a win for your team in a shootout??

  6. Between this and Fleury’s histrionics on 24 / 7, I approve of the trend.

    Except when someone tries a crotch chop and winds up a blocker stuck in their nads.

  7. how did i miss the tone of the article? the only thing i said about the article was slow news day. the rest of my comment was angled towards other commenters and the fact the article said that richards would be upset.

  8. [...] on Jan 13, 2011 More personality in the NHL? This is madness.Last week Carey Price did his best Kurtis Blow impression when he made the game-winning shootout save against the Penguins. Tonight Marc-Andre Fleury [...]

  9. I really think you missed the whole tone of the post, Qmocean.

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