The Dump and Chase – 01/10/2011

Arniel Unhappy Wants Superstar Treatment for Nash

Columbus Blue Jackets head coach Scott Arniel has had just about enough of this hack-a-Nash stuff. Via Puck-Rakers:

“I watch other star players and the treatment they get, the calls that they get.”

“Nash gets tackled going to the net. He gets a stick across the face. No call. I don’t get it. We try to be … I’ve worked with this team about not yelling at referees, not making them part of the focus. But maybe we have to do a little more crying and complaining. The stuff Rick takes for the superstar that he is … it really pisses me off.”

Frolov Out For Season

Alex Frolov tore the ACL in his right knee and will miss the remainder of the 2010-11 season. Frolov had 16 uninspiring points in 43 games this season. He will be a free agent on July 1st.

Does the NHL’s Head Shot Video Undercut Kostopoulos’ Suspension?

That’s the question being posed and investigated by Dirk Hoag at OnTheForecheck. Looking at the NHL’s own video that defines the new head shot/blindside hit rule and focusing on Colin Campbell’s own words regarding the suspension… Dirk may have something here. Some people are getting really hung up on the lack of a “blindside” aspect to Kostopoulos’ hit, but the fact remains that it was a direct hit to the head. The NHL should spend some time refining the rules on these types of hits this offseason. For the record, I believe Kostopoulos got what he deserved with the six games suspension.

Ballard’s Beauty Hip Check

Now this is the kind of check we could watch all day. Via PassItToBulis:

NHL Players Past and Present on Concussions

From The Rink with a nice roundup of quotes from current NHLers as well as guys who saw their careers cut short by concussions. Jeff Beukeboom on the struggle with post-concussion syndrome:

“That was my life on a daily basis… Waking up every day and hoping you would feel better and you didn’t. Every day I woke up and my head felt like an over-inflated basketball. It was 2½ years of feeling like (garbage). I felt like (garbage) every day.”

Niemi Turco Crawford Robs Grabner!