The Dump and Chase: 11/01/2011

The Dump and Chase is a daily collection of links in which we attempt to round up the latest breaking news and analysis from around the web. We also like videos and things that are absurd.

A little bit of housekeeping

We begin today with a small editorial note. At the top of this page you’ll see a byline that reads “Sean Tomlinson.” No, Scott Lewis did not suddenly become much better looking overnight.

Our fearless leader is on vacation for the next week, and is somewhere turning his Casper-esque skin into a nice crispy blend of brown and orange in Mexico. Somehow, I don’t picture this going so well, but I’m sure he’ll come back with tales of Corona and awful resort entertainment. Anyways, you’re stuck with me for the week, but don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine. I’ll have the daily links, and we’ll keep churning out the same content you’ve come to know and love. Now, on with the news and absurdity…

It’s not so good to see you again

I seem to recall referee Stephane Auger having a bit of a history with the Canucks, specifically Alex Burrows. The hockey Gods have once again aligned the stars to create chaos. Auger is working his first Canucks game since Burrows-gate tonight, and it’s exactly one year since the saga began.

Seeing stars

The NHL officially unveiled the 48 players to be included in the first ever All-Star game fantasy draft and the rookies who will participate in the skills competition. We’ll take a more in-depth look at the inclusions and snubs a little later this afternoon. But until then, let’s allow the jersey fashion enthusiasts to debate the All-Star game unis that were rolled out this morning.

Just what is this defensive forward you speak of?

The League of Extraordinary Statisticians (a regular feature from Behind the Net) attempts to define the term “defensive forward.”

Nature of nurture?

Matt Reitz of View From My Seats takes an interesting look at the different approaches used to develop young talent. Using Brayden Schenn and Tyler Seguin as examples, he considers the strategies of bringing a player up immediately and letting him learn at the NHL level (the Bruins’ approach), and the other path of keeping a player in junior for seasoning (the Kings’ approach).

An eventful offseason in Toronto? Never

What’s on top of Brian Burke’s to-do list? Other than looking as dishevelled as possible for every public appearance, of course. Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star writes that as usual it’ll be an offseason filled with tough decisions for the Leafs, with the fate of the team’s leading point producer topping the list. Clarke MacArthur could become a free agent in July if he’s not re-signed.

“I don’t know what’s in store for me, but obviously I’d like to stay,” MacArthur told The Star. “I’ve had a lot of fun this year. Winning is something we need to do more of, but I feel like this team could do that in the future. I would love to stay.”

When heavyweights collide: Bissonette vs. Janssen