NHL All-Star Jerseys Revealed

The image above is from Shop.NHL.com

Now that we know the players, it makes sense that we know what the jerseys will look like too.  Since the teams won’t have names until the captains are announced, the jerseys have just the NHL shield on the front along with two stars. It’s a decent choice.  We also like the colours which, according to Icethetics, were chosen “because they represent the majority of teams in the NHL.”

Icethetics also has a few more shots of the jerseys, including one that shows the player’s number directly above the NHL crest on the front of the jersey.  Surprisingly it doesn’t look at bad as you would assume.  The weird stripes on the lower part of the arms are a little strange, but they work with the design.

But how do these jerseys compare to the All-Star Game jerseys of the past few years?

2009 All-Star Game

The 2009 All-Star game was in Montreal and it took place during the Habs 100th anniversary celebrations.  The jerseys featured some awkward striping on the sleeves.  Also on the sleeves were three stars that contained the years of the previous All-Star Games to take place in Montreal.  While the player number appeared on the front of the jersey, it was only on one sleeve rather than the usual two.

2008 All-Star Game

These were relatively basic jerseys.  The fronts had the word “EAST” or “WEST” on them surrounded by a few stars.  They looked a little like NBA jerseys.

2007 All-Star Game

2007 was the debut of the Reebok Edge jersey system.  Other than the new vertical striping that would become commonplace when the RBK jerseys were installed league-wide, the jerseys themselves were quite plain.

The NHL usually takes the opportunity to experiment with new ideas during the All-Star Game, so the jerseys usually have quite different looks than the typical designs.  All-Star jerseys will never please old-school fans and purists, but the designs are usually inventive.  Since the lockout the NHL has chosen blue and red to differentiate the teams and that trend continues this year.

What do you think of the 2011 All-Star jerseys?