As mentioned on Twitter yesterday, we are very pleased to announce that the one and only Bloge Salming is on board with the HOTH crew to create some awesome hockey videos. Well, they’re definitely hockey videos, I’ll let you decide if they’re awesome or not.

Anyways, since the NHL announced this year’s All-Star selections this week, we thought we’d look at how the All-Star team draft would most likely play out. I think we’re pretty accurate.

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  1. Great vid, glad to see Bloge Salming is still pumping out top notch stuff.

    That Heatley joke killed me…so to speak.


  2. Kessel is a tard! Love it. THANK YOU KESSEL!

    From Seguin

  3. Another winner…. SHATTENKIRK!!!

  4. Shattenkirk looks a LOT like Stajan in the clip. But hey, I always love a good “PHILLLL KESSSEL” bit.

  5. Bloge, amazing as always!

  6. My only complaint is we didn’t actually get to hear Kessel’s trademark “PHILLLLLLL KESSSSELLLL” line. :-)

  7. You guys should really have a Bloge Salming section. These videos shouldn’t be buried by daily posts. it took me forever to find it.

  8. @Brian Logan:

    Good call. I think The Score’s developers are working on something that will keep popular posts in a special area to the right side of the page in the column by the “recent Updates”. Should be coming soon.

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