The Dump and Chase: 13/01/2011

This kid's dad said that if Bobby Ryan scores a hat trick he'll get a gift he won't appreciate for about 10 years, but it'll be good. He looks like a young Paul Bissonnette, and probably has visions of McDonald's french fries dancing in his head.

Show me the money, Ron Wilson

When the Leafs lose, they get waffles. When they win, they get money. That would seem fair if it wasn’t illegal.

Wilson put “money on the board” prior to the Leafs’ game against the Sharks Tuesday night, a game in which Wilson’s 600th career win was on the line against his former team. The incentive was reported to have been $600, a sum matching Wilson’s win total after the Leafs did indeed beat San Jose.

It may be a hockey tradition, but the Leafs have been fined an undisclosed amount for violating the league’s salary cap because of Wilson’s reward. A rule is a rule I suppose, but between fans lashing out at even the most faint display of personality, and the league promptly slapping a team on the wrist after a friendly wager between men, hockey is quickly stealing the NFL’s long held moniker and becoming the No Fun League.

There’s hope for the human race after all

We’ve seen this before, and most notably when Portland Trail Blazers coach Mo Cheeks helped a girl finish the American national anthem, but heartfelt moments never get old.

Last night eight-year-old Elizabeth Hughes was showing off her surprising vocal talents and singing the national anthem prior to a Norfolk Admirals game, Tampa Bay’s AHL affiliate. At the tail end of the anthem, and just when she was approaching those iconic words “but our flag was still there,”a technical glitch caused a moment of potential embarrassment.

Thankfully, hockey fans are a supportive bunch…

You have to be lucky to be good

The Capitals have experienced a substantial jump in save percentage during penalty kills. Bruce Boudreau is busy knocking on wood, and Behind the Net explains that he has good reason to be investing in that lucky pair of socks.

If we assume an .870 save percentage a man down and a .750 save percentage two-men down, then Washington would have allowed an additional eight goals.  That would give them a PK efficiency of 80.7% on the season, which is below the league-average.  That…is not good.

Tanner Glass is learning how to fight bears

Vancouver Canucks forward Tanner Glass is slowly maturing as a bare knuckle NHL artist, especially after his knockout of Matt Martin earlier this week. So just how is the blossoming boxer perfecting his craft? Well, by reading about how to fight bears, of course.

He’s also been fighting actual bears, a practice that would terrify Stephen Colbert. Pass It To Bulis has the exclusive photos:

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