More personality in the NHL? This is madness.

Last week Carey Price did his best Kurtis Blow impression when he made the game-winning shootout save against the Penguins. Tonight Marc-Andre Fleury showed he’s no slouch when it comes to old school beats either, channeling his inner Grandmaster Flash and mocking Price after Pittsburgh gained redemption with a 5-2 win over the Habs.

If you’re one of those cranky traditionalists who longs for the days when the only posing goalies did was Ken Dryden poetically leaning on his stick, I’m sure you’ll find it in your heart to forgive Fleury. He just figured vintage rap poses were the norm for celebrations in Montreal…

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  1. …seriously, why is it so fucking taboo for a goalie to celebrate a shutout, or stopping five shots in an overtime shootout, BUT it’s all cool and shit for a forward to jump into the glass like a slack jawed fucktard after he accidentally puts one in off his shin pad?

  2. I love this shit. Let’s call the shootout what it is… a spectacle.

  3. Fleury showed us is such a Douche…..

    Price move came after a win in a dramatic shoot out. He was just happy and >I dont think he ever consider Pittsburgh when he did it.

    Fleury was only retaliation to the original gesture….and it was the 1st time he beat the Habs after choking like and old man on a smoke in last year’s playoff.

    And the douche wasnt even able to do something else….says it all

  4. [...] amount for violating the league’s salary cap. A rule is a rule I suppose, but between fans lashing out at even the most faint display of personality, and the league slapping promptly slapping a team on the wrist after a friendly wager between men, [...]

  5. Wow CH, you are so full of crap.

    The real reason you think Fleury is a douche and Price isn’t: Fleury plays for the Pens and Price plays for the Habs.

    Fact is, both were funny… I didn’t mind either one at all

  6. Gabriel do you even watch hockey? What has Carey Price done for the Habs besides choking every year, getting booed by Habs fans, and losing his starting job to Halak (who took the Habs further than Carey Price will ever take a team) and somehow gets his 100th chance to prove he can be an average goalie in the NHL.

    Fleury is way better goalie than Price will ever be and hes got a Stanley Cup Ring to back it up, so dont be hating on Fleury cuz hes got his ring and just chlling in his B-boy Stance.. Hes just mocking Carey Price cuz he saved a shot in which Kunitz shot at him so he shouldnt be doing the b-boy stance cuz hes a nobody and always will be just an average goalie… PCE

  7. sry i meant le fan du CH

  8. lol

    you guys are making my day.

    Fleury is a good goaltender in his own right but common…..with a team that had Crosby,Malkin,Staal,gonchar etc….aint too hard to win a cup…

    just look at Niemi, he had a squad of incredible talent in front of him so he won the cup.

    For god sake i think even toskala would have a chance to win a cup with a team like that….

    When you have an all star pack team that loses to a lowly Habs club…that is choking…

    It wasnt that he did it, I dont care if goaltenders do some original stuff, i apprciate it because it brings something else to the game then the lame” we play as a team, lose as a team” gimmick.

    I was just saying that Fleury’s wasnt doing it out of emotion, but just to get back at Price…while the later did it after a win in shoot out.

    If you dont get this, find some help, you need it B-Boy

  9. Sorry B-Boy but as a strong Price fan I have to disagree completely. This is not Price’s 100th chance at being an NHL goalie, it’s his third year. If YOU knew anything about hockey you would know that goalies have their years, good and bad: what matters is that you stay consistent as much as possible, and to stay consistent you need good technique. Price currently boasts one of the best save percentages in the league, and although his goals against average is not that good, it means that more goals = more shots = his save percentage matters even more.

    I’ll tell you one thing, I’d rather have Price than the following goaltenders: Kipprusoff, Mason, Turco, Anderson, Osgood, DiPietro (now THERE’S a goalie who gets 100 chances a year), Brodeur, Luongo, Elliott, Leclaire, Leighton, Niemi, Halak, Giguere, Gustavsson, Neuvirth, Varlamov, Smith. And the majority of these goalies are paid twice as much as Price, don’t even get half the starts he does (Price is 2nd in the league for GP and Wins) but are still trusted with the #1 goalie spot or share it with another.

    Oh by the way, he’s 23. He’s got 10 years for the Habs to actually put a decent team in front of him and then we can talk. Fleury is an outstanding goaltender, yes, but don’t diss Price. And by the way, Leighton was a Stanley Cup Finalist one year and now plays in the AHL, so CH is totally right about how a good team can have a bad goalie.

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