Last week Bloge Salming and HOTH teamed up to create our first video together called “The All-Star Draft”. If you haven’t seen it yet, use the click-through to check it out. Anyways, I’m sure everyone that even remotely follows hockey knows that this year, the two biggest points of discussion are the Kovalchuk signing and head shots. So we’re taking the head shots storyline and beating it like a dead horse. It doesn’t matter how the job gets done, as long as someone does it. Right, Colin Campbell?

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  1. the new rules have to go garry bettmen is a joke he needs to the the new rule book out and let the players police them self bring back the bench brawls and the no touch icing the nhl needs it head shot any players who does it gone for 10 games second time 40 games a third time banned for life

  2. [...] long will the suspension be?Colin Campbell and his posse have been unreliable, inconsistent, and downright whimsical in the punishment department. But I don’t think even Campbell’s dart throwing strategy [...]

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