The Dump and Chase – 01/20/2011

Damien Cox To Leave Toronto Star for TSN

Rumblings of the blogosphere’s best friend Damien Cox leaving the Toronto Star for a career in television with TSN were making the rounds on Wednesday, and it would appear that it’s just a matter of time. Cox tells the Globe and Mail’s Bruce dip-dip Dowbiggin that “Negotiations are ongoing” and that he’s “Expecting to finalize soon, but you never know”. That classic shot of Cox with feathers is courtesy of Zambonic Youth or DrunkJaysFans, I think… whomever unearthed it, thank you.

Danton Eyes Return to NHL

Former NHLer turned attempted murder turned scholar Mike Danton would like to play in the NHL again. Danton’s parole ends Friday, which means that he could possibly work in the United States again. Says Danton:

“I would obviously (like to return)… I think anybody at this level would want to play at the highest level possible for them. For me, that would be the NHL.

“I’d like to get back to playing there. To be honest with you, yeah, it’s in my mind. It’s something I’d like to do.”

Dave “The Hammer” Shoalts of the Globe and Mail says there’s almost no chance that Danton plays in the NHL again… but that’s just Shoalts’, you know, opinion.

Glencross Pushes Stoner Into the Boards in Latest Deviant Hit

NHL Guardians Project… on a Budget

This piece of awesomeness from CLIB542 comes via Greg Wyhynski at Puck Daddy. Seriously, just go there.

An Interview with Maple Leafs Prospects James Reimer, Jussi Rynnas, and Ben Scrivens

Pension Plan Puppets and In-Goal Magazine continue with part two of their interviews with a trio of Maple Leafs goaltending propects.

Ice-Level Shootout Goal is a Neat Perspective

This video was posted over at Puck Daddy on Wednesday and is worth a couple of viewings.

Olli Jokinen GIF Alert!