A wise man once said that good things come in threes. This fictional man from the ancient Roman times was also a hockey fan, and he couldn’t get enough knuckle-chucking.

Somewhere, he was watching the Flyers’ 6-2 rout of Ottawa tonight that ended in a flurry of fisticuffs, with three fights happening at the same time. Oh my!

As you can see, this one turned ugly fast in the third period. Of course it wasn’t the first time in Flyers history that goonery will dominate the headlines more than goals. In total there were a combined 10 fighting majors handed out between the two teams, with many of the usual suspects–Matt Carkner, Jody Shelley, Scott Hartnell, Chris Neil, and Jarko Ruutu–leading the way.

There were also two misconduct penalties (Carkner and Sean O’Donnell), and a whopping final tally of 116 penalty minutes in the third period alone. Now that’s some good ol’ time Flyers hockey, the kind that makes old men watching from retirement homes somewhere in Florida really, really proud. (NSFW language, as if you needed to warned)

Shelley’s denial of Carkner’s invitation to dance earlier arguably contributed to this little melee. But the vibe of this game made widespread brawling seem inevitable anyway, and these two teams have a history of record setting violence.

Back in 2004 during another game in Philadelphia, the Senators and Flyers tussled to the tune of an NHL record 419 combined penalty minutes, 213 of which went to the Flyers, establishing another quite dubious honour.