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We’ve rundown our thoughts on some of the worst jerseys in the history of the NHL before, but with news of an announcement on a brand overhaul coming for the Tampa Bay Lightning – coupled with rumblings of several jersey changes on the horizon for 2011 – we figured it’s an opportune time to single out the franchises that we feel could benefit most from a new look.

Bad design, inexplicable colour schemes, and indistinguishable logos. Here’s our nominations for five NHL teams that could use some uniform/logo alterations:

5. Minnesota Wild

We love you Mikko, but that logo's got to go.

We don’t know exactly what a ‘Wild’ is, but we know what it isn’t. A Wild is not “a version of raw power coupled with brilliant intellect, bringing together the varied traditions of the Wolfman with Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”, as it is described for the NHL’s awful Guardian Project. There’s hope for the Wild’s uniform, as their third jersey colour scheme is actually a pretty good look. It’s time to ditch the lousy numbering and dated look of those road whites, and the home reds are best reserved as a third sweater like all of the other shirts with a circle logo on the chest.

4. Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers’ third jersey, although derivative and often duplicated, offers a much more sleek look than their traditional red, blue, and gold sweaters. With several teams opting for the navy/baby blue look on their thirds, it’s about time one club not named the Thrashers steps up and claims ownership on that scheme and makes it their official colours. The Panthers could use some help in a lot of areas, but a jersey change would be a great start for a team loaded with hot prospects.

3. Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes’ home sweaters are too red and their roads are too white. It’s time to permanently introduce a lot more black into these uniforms. Carolina’s third jerseys have a great look, save for that awful NASCAR pirate flag of a logo. We’re not big fans of the Hurricanes’ logo in general, but they’ve got a good base look to work with. They could probably get away with some minor tweaking, although a logo change would be the greatest conciliation.

2. Colorado Avalanche

With a brief but rich history and a young roster that boasts the talents of guys like Matt Duchene and Chris Stewart, there’s a lot to like about the Colorado Avalanche. Unfortunately, their maroon sweaters and cartoonish logo are not among the positives with this franchise. An avalanche can be a deadly and fearsome event, so it’s high time that this team updates their look as one of the league’s best young teams ushers in a new era. The blue and the maroon can be worked with, but their current incarnation and goofy Bigfoot shoulder patch and logo have got to go.

1. Atlanta Thrashers

The poor Atlanta Thrashers have three sweaters and they couldn’t get even one of them right. The abomination of a third sweater that is pictured above needs to be exorcised from the memory of hockey fans everywhere, and the baby blues with lettering down one shoulder are nearly as awful looking. Oh, and that logo is among the worst we’ve ever seen. If there’s a club that could stand a complete makeover in terms of design, it’s gotta be the Atlanta Thrashers.

Dishonourable mentions: Dallas, Phoenix, Anaheim, Tampa Bay (change IS coming), Ottawa, and Nashville

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  1. “If there’s a club that could stand a complete makeover in terms of design, it’s gotta be the Atlanta Thrashers.”

    New jerseys, new name, maybe even a new city…

  2. Honestly, I’m a big fan of the Wild logo. I think it’s actually a very clever, well-designed logo. The jerseys themselves aren’t great, but there’s nothing wrong with the logo. I also like the hurricane warning flag logo for the Hurricanes. It’s a good look and doesn’t bring to mind NASCAR at all.

    Other than that, I completely agree.

  3. The Atlanta Thrashers should adopt the logo and colour scheme of the Winnipeg Jets… and then move there.

  4. How was there not a “New Jersey” joke in there?

  5. I think the kings jersey with that odd-font Los Angeles along the bottom needs to get whacked. Can they go back to purple and gold retro look?

  6. I think the Wild logo (with it’s use of clever elements like the North Star and the bear profile, treeline and river with negative space) is probably one of the best logos in the NHL. The typeface, color scheme and “cartoony” logo of Colorado are really some of the strongest collectively in the league. The designer does a lot of popular marks — all really great stuff. I wouldn’t really expect you to know anything about design, but mistaking a hurricane warning flag for a pirate-NASCAR symbol? Do some research!

    A franchise that’s been around 10 years shouldn’t be doing an entire brand makeover unless it really stunk to begin with. As a fan, I’d feel used if my team was coming out with a new mark, color scheme or design every couple years (I’m looking at you, Pittsburgh).

  7. Its … not it’s. Sorry!

  8. Totally agree with Atlanta, nothing looks good there. But as someone already mentioned, the Wild have an awesome logo, though their jerseys could need an improvement, save the 3rd one which is awesome.

    Also, although I wouldn’t mind the Coyotes changing logo, I really love the jerseys and colors they have. Looks old and classy in a good way.

    And Dallas needs to go back to their “All Star”-jerseys…

  9. How can you not think that Vancover’s logo is awful? The Killer Whale coming out of the C? It’s just plain awful.

  10. Instead of the Thrashers concentrating on their jerseys, how about they concentrate on winning some games? Maybe if they actually won some games and not get blown out 7-1 by the Tampa Bay Lightening and the Toronto Maple Leafs more people would actually waste their money watching their awful games in person. Their ownership is awful, they sue each other, they sue law firms in Atlanta, and they also curse at season ticket holders. They have ruined not ONE but TWO franchises in the city of Atlanta. How the NHL and NBA can continue to let those idiots run two franchises in the SEVENTH largest market in the United States is beyond me. Atlanta set the expansion record for attendance in 1999-2000 season and regularly outdrew the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks and plenty of other teams from “traditional” hockey markets. Add to the fact that youth hockey in Atlanta is booming and the Thrashers should be one of the hottest tickets around. But their ownership has completely screwed up the whole marketplace. They should do a complete rebrand after the NHL takes them over and looks for a new market. I mean they did it for Phoenix and people actually play hockey in metro Atlanta and the Atlanta Knights were huge draws in the old IHL days. NHL needs to step up and save this franchise from the idiots who own it. Same for the NBA.

  11. How come no one ever mentions moving the Islanders or Devils? They can’t draw flies and does metro New York need three teams?

  12. Those baby blues need to go away immediately. Not only should no team take ownership of it, no team should acknowledge ever having worn a sweater with it. All photos of those awful things should be redacted, and no one should ever be allowed to mention baby blue in reference to anything hockey related ever again.

    This is the NHL, not a nursery!

  13. Avs logo is the same one that was good in 96′ blame reebok not the logo, that could be a uniform or a apron or say a ‘unipron’ with what reebok did to it.

  14. What a pathetic, asinine excuse for an article. You should have titled it “Five franchises whose traditions I refuse to respect because I’m a small-minded conservative who pines for the days of the original six.”

    If you had any imagination or guts, you would have called out the boring Bruins’ B, or the Flyer’s weird, 70s take on the winged wing. But instead you went for easy targets; well done, five minutes well spent. The truth is everyone respects the B, because Bobby Orr wore it. These are sports teams, not coffee cups, and their crests should represent blood, sweat and tears.

  15. What’s that, I couldn’t hear you while I was pining for the days of the original six? You know, when I was minus-23 years old.

  16. Well, why not turn that pining into something constructive and tell us, in your expert opinion, the top five NHL teams that do not require a uniform change.

  17. Your take on the Avalanche is way off in my estimation. Maybe they could tweek the color scheme a little. Mor aqua blue and less burgundy (especially since the A logo is burgundy) but speaking of the Avs logs I can’t think of one I like more. The A is simple, colorful and a clean look plus you can actually see it. Wasn’t that part of your criteria? Logos you can’t see? How can you not see the “A” logo? Meanwhile you leave off the Anaheim Ducks and their tiny font sized “Ducks” written across the middle. If your gonna set a criteria for bad unies then stick with it.

  18. [...] of NHL uniforms.  While a lot of modern NHL jerseys are awful and there are several NHL teams that desperately need new looks, a few teams have made design changes in their history that were positive ones.This list focuses on [...]

  19. I guess you guys never noticed that the Canes third jersey looks like a vagina.

  20. I certainly liked the retro purple and gold jerseys for the Los Angeles Kings and I also liked the original Anaheim Mighty Ducks jersey.

    I have to admit that I am not too crazy about the new Anaheim Ducks jersey; go back to the retro Mighty Ducks jersey.

    The Capitals sweater from 1974 through 1995 was my absolute favorite.

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