It was an interesting night for Mike Harrington of Sabres Edge at Buffalo News. The Sabres’ beat writer found himself locked in Nassau Coliseum on Sunday evening, with seemingly no escape!

From Sabres Edge:

The doors back into the concourse locked behind me. The doors to the parking lot were locked. I was stuck in the vestibule. Picture an area roughly the width of the gate area inside the HSBC Arena pavilion. So I started banging on the doors leading back inside and yelling. No one around. Not a soul. There’s a stairway leading downstairs by a couple restaurants and the MSG studio. No one around. Not a soul.

Nassau Coliseum is commonly known as one of the NHL’s worst barns, in fact, it’s probably THE worst barn. As Howie Rose can attest to, being forced to sit through a Sunday afternoon Islanders’ contest is pretty much unbearable… so imagine the feeling of being trapped inside that old arena.

Harrington would eventually call 9-1-1 for help, although the operator seemed somewhat skeptical that the writer was indeed locked in Nassau Coliseum:

I had no choice. I dialed 911. Nassau County 911 was a little confused.

“There’s nothing going on at the Coliseum.” Um, there was a hockey game.
“Why didn’t you leave with the crowd?” Um, I’m a reporter from Buffalo.
“Just see if you can find an open door.” Um, why do you think I’m calling you?

A Nassau Coliseum custodian would eventually lead Harrington to an open exit, but the journalist’s confinement issues didn’t end there. Harrington spent a good deal of time circling the parking lot searching for available exit. The Sabres defeated the Islanders by a score of 5-3 on Sunday, but Mike Harrington was clearly the evening’s biggest loser.

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