We here at Houses of the Hockey care a little bit too much about the look of NHL uniforms.  While a lot of modern NHL jerseys are awful and there are several NHL teams that desperately need new looks, a few teams have made design changes in their history that were positive ones.

This list focuses on teams that actually changed their look to a new one.  It doesn’t include teams that gave up on their current designs and reverted to old ones or even teams that borrowed elements from the past to create new styles.  These are new designs that actually worked.

The Blue Jackets entered the NHL with a distracting ribbon forming the letters “CJB” on their jerseys and a green and red bug on their shoulders.  Almost anything is a step up from that.  The current uniforms are quite nice and make the team look unique without looking strange.

The San Jose Sharks started off with pretty nice uniforms but, like many teams, they lost their way in the late 1990s/early 2000s.  The Sharks of that era had bizarre arching and grey accents on their jerseys which were just bad news.  The current Sharks uniform is clean and it makes the Sharks look like a hockey team again.  The addition of orange to the teams colour scheme and the modified shark logo are definite upgrades.

While they still look a little bit like Christmas, the Minnesota Wild’s current uniforms is much better than the look they came into the league with.  The 2003 jerseys were too green, the stripes down the sleeves were too much, the gold/beige colour on the numbers and letters is disgusting and the “WILD” wordmark on the shoulder looks amateur.  The current jerseys have an old school feel that is quite nice.

The word “improvement” is very relative in this case.  Yes, the Thrashers uniforms are still hideous.  However, ditching the bizarre triangles around the waist and collar of the jerseys and removing the diagonal lines around the wrists was a good idea.  While their light blue and alternate jerseys are still terrible, the current white jersey is somewhat passable.  Yes, “somewhat passable” is considered good for the Thrashers.

Who even let the Coyotes on the ice in those 1996 uniforms?  The worst part is that somewhere in Phoenix at the time enough people saw that design, thought it looked good that decided the team should wear them in public.  The current look is very nice and it makes the Coyotes look like an actual hockey team instead of an awful art exhibit.

According to Icethetics, several teams are planning on changing their looks before next season, so hopefully some good designs are revealed soon.