Let's Go Diving!

Yesterday Alex Ovechkin was given a penalty for diving during Washington’s game against the Rangers.  While that clip hasn’t appeared on YouTube yet (that we know of) we thought we’d take this opportunity to showcase a few other cases of embellishment that would make soccer stars blush.

With all of the head shots and injuries taking place these days, sometimes it’s nice to focus on plays where absolutely no one gets hurt.

Jordan Tootoo gets slashed in the hand… sort of. So then, of course, it makes sense that he falls to the ice holding his knee, right?

The Flyers players, bench and crowd are completely outraged that high-sticking wasn’t called here. Of course, the fact that no one’s stick came anywhere near Daniel Carcillo’s face probably had something to do with it.

Mike Green isn’t know for his devastating hits. That’s probably why it was pretty easy to call Lapierre for diving here.

We won’t be accused of favouritism here. Either Kirk Maltby’s stick is made of red hot steel or this is a dive by Sidney Crosby.

Diving goes international! Here Jacob Markstrom is nudged on the left side of his head but he falls back and to the left into the net. Back and to the left… back and to the left… back and to the left. And yet there’s no grassy knoll in sight.

Another case of a high stick, where a stick is nowhere near anyone’s face. At least this video comes with some humourous musical accompaniment.

One of those somewhat bizarre cases where one player is called for hooking and another is called for diving. The public address announcer’s possible unwillingness to announce the penalty as “diving” at first is quite funny as well.

What embarrassing dives have we missed? We’re sure there are a lot!