The Dump and Chase – 01/26/2011

A Case for Pierre McGuire in Ottawa

Greg Wyshynski goes where no man has gone before and suggests six reasons why Pierre McGuire should take over the Ottawa Senators. Now before your head explodes with rage, consider what is actually a compelling case from Puck Daddy. Love him or hate him – we know you probably hate him – McGuire’s depth of hockey knowledge is impressive, without question. Whatever the case, you’ve got to agree with reason number six: “Finally, it will get Pierre McGuire off of our televisions”.

Dater Off The Deep End

Whether or not Peter Forsberg actually returns to the NHL matters little. The most entertaining aspect of Foppa’s latest comeback attempt is following Adrian Dater of the Denver Post while he continues to fawn over the idea of Forsberg playing hockey, and all of his other fantasies that come along with a return from the Swede. His latest musing involves an out of contention Avalanche dealing Forsberg for a FIRST ROUND PICK:

We know he’s not going to want to play here if the Avs are out of the playoff picture in another month (the NHL trade deadline is Feb. 28). The Avs aren’t going to care who’s in their lineup if they’re 10 points out of a spot by then (it could happen, the way they’re playing).
So why not deal Foppa to a contender (it won’t be Detroit, don’t worry. Forsberg has told close friends and relatives he’d never play for the Red Wings. The rivalry still lives, people).

You get a first-round pick and/or maybe more for him. You don’t think a team like Pittsburgh or Boston would want a guy like him for the playoffs?

On Shea Weber Contract Negotiations, and Canadian Media

Solid stuff here from Chris Burton at OnTheForecheck taking on Ed Willes of the Vancouver Province’s “bad conclusions and misinformation”:

What we have here, frankly, is yet another case of a mainstream media member blowing something out of proportion. It is quite the reach in order to place a spark of hope in the hometown fans that yes, maybe, the Canucks have a chance at acquiring one of the NHL’s best defensemen! He’s from British Columbia, played in the Olympics here, his contract in a Southern market expires. Yes, surely, he will not want to re-sign with the Predators.

Ovechkin The Diver?

More on the Alexander Ovechkin as a diver debate from Fanhouse. We’ll link this up even if it’s just to point out that there’s a bit of a double standard between Crosby and Ovechkin when it comes to talking with officials and the art act of diving. Face it, both Crosby and Ovechkin like to yap at the referees and both guys are guilty of embellishment.

All-Star Game Going Green

Via Puck The Media:

As part of its multi-faceted sustainability initiative NHL Green, the National Hockey League will partner with the host Hurricanes, the City of Raleigh, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Rock and Wrap It Up! and North Carolina State University to minimize the environmental impact from the various All-Star Weekend festivities Jan. 28-30.

The Great One Turns 50

Wayne Gretzky turns 50-years old today and we’re hoping to have some 99-related video content up on the site later today (maybe tomorrow, but hopefully today).

Kovalev Gets Pascal Leclaire’d