Wayne “The Great One” Gretzky turned 50 yesterday in case you were in a coma and didn’t know. He held a private party for family and close friends and we were lucky enough to be the only media outlet invited to the festivities. Here is the footage of what went down at the Gretzky manor. Aghbalabbalaabalghablablaghlblblalghalblaalaalghlba!

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  1. NO hockey a day after Gretzky’s 50th birthday??

    Rumor has it he may be drafted Friday for the NHL All-Star Player Fantasy Draft:)

    Ralph Hass
    - SHAW-TV imaging voice for the WHL
    - MSG-TV imaging voice for the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres (2006 – 2009)

  2. Wow. This might be the best yet. Solid.

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