The Dump and Chase – 01/28/2011

In Memoriam: “The Burger King Jersey”

Fifteen years ago yesterday, the Los Angeles Kings unveiled a third jersey that should have never seen the light of day. Yes, it’s the “Burger King jersey” and it’s no less appalling all these years later. The Royal Half has everything you could ever want to know about the infamous sweater.

What’s the Most Crippling Injury in Canucks History?

Good debate starter from Kurtenblog, and yes they do include Steve Moore.

Matt Moulson’s New Deal in Context

The New York Islanders re-signed winger Matt Moulson to three-year, $9.4 million deal on Thursday. Lighthouse Hockey has more on the deal and its implications for the Isles.

Blair on Burke

The Globe and Mail’s Jeff Blair highlights everything that comes along with Brian Burke. There’s the admirable qualities like “the loyalty and sentimentality and the requisite amount of blarney” – then there’s the shit that has helped the Toronto Maple Leafs become an even shittier hockey team under his watch. Bottom line: Burke’s not going anywhere.

Read: The Confessions Of A Former Adolescent Puck Tease

A fantastic lengthy read from Deadspin’s Katie Baker on her experience as ‘teenage hockey message board jailbait’.

Charges Against Waffle-Thrower Dropped

Justice is served, justice is done! Via ESPN:

The charges were dropped Thursday in return for five hours of community service. But Robb, from Oakville, Ontario, is still banned from all the venues owned by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment.

NHL Reportedly Investigating Anti-Semitic Case Against Ducks

Nothing confirmed in this report, but it looks like the NHL may be taking Jason Bailey’s claims of anti-Semitic treatment seriously. Via the O.C. Register:

ESPN cited sources that said the league is investigating the allegations “to try to find out if the claims of abuse are true and what the Ducks knew about the situation, when they knew about it and how they responded.”

Bomani Jones on Clay Aiken at ASG

Bomani Jones thinks the NHL could have done better than Clay Aiken. Why not North Carolina natives Ben Folds Five? Better yet, why not up the Wooooo! factor and bring in Ric Flair?

Comments (3)

  1. Aren’t the waffle charges ridiculous? I know its US vs Canada, but what are the charges in Detroit – anything? I recall that one guy last year spending the night in jail for throwing an opposite at a road game (i forget where, but video was posted on the Score).

  2. Ben Folds Five or Ric Flair … who the heck are they? They may be NC natives but I’ve never heard of them. Maybe NHL wanted a more recognized name to sing the National Anthem. Maybe they didn’t want a rock group singing the NA. I’ve got to wonder about hockey fans in NC ….

  3. Ric Flair can’t sing (his claim to fame is wrestling) and he’s ancient. Lord knows, what his vocal cords are like – not that he ever used them for anything but hollarin’ insults at opponents & doing commercials.

    Clay Aiken & Hockey (including singing the national anthem) aren’t strangers. Here he is, back in 2003 where he not only sung it – and did it well, but was also taking about 100 kids out on the ice, for his Buble/Aiken Inclusion program (for childen with disabilities).

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