The Tampa Bay Lightning finally unveiled their new look, or brand transformation if you will, on Monday during a press conference at St. Pete Times Forum. The Lightning will continue to wear their current logo and uniforms for the remainder of the 2010-11 season before donning the new look to kick off the 2011-12 campaign. Although the new sweaters will not be worn this season, it is being reported that the new logo and look will appear throughout the arena as the club will “phase-in” their new brand.

The new sweaters appear to be somewhat derivative of the Toronto Maple Leafs colour scheme, but offer a much more ‘classic’ look compared to the busy look of their current sweaters. The primary logo will be the same for the road and home sweaters, although, the white jerseys will feature ‘Tampa Bay’ lettering.

The club also introduced a secondary logo, which, is very much in line with the third jersey look that the Pittsburgh Penguins, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, and Columbus Blue Jackets are using. The new look borrows part of its colour scheme from the panned ‘Bolts’ sweaters that the Lightning currently use as an alternate. The striking blue tone is very similar, while the club opted for a simple design in a move away from what they currently wear.

General manager Steve Yzerman sees the new look as a move to foster a rich tradition in Tampa Bay, via Fox Sports Florida:

“When a player pulls on the Lightning sweater, we want him to know exactly who he represents and what the mark he is wearing stands for… The long-term goal is for the Lightning to be an iconic franchise, rich in tradition with championship values and a strong legacy.”

We’ll give the new look a thumbs up for its colour scheme and simplicity. The new logo may take some getting used to as it almost looks as though it’s a homemade iron on patch that belongs on a denim jacket… from outer space.

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  1. They’re pretty plain, but nice. If the shade of blue is the same as the otherwise hideous “BOLTS” jerseys, it’s a nice shade.

  2. Looks clean, but the lightning logo looks like a 6 year old drew it!

  3. Hilarious. It’s the Red Wings uniform but in blue instead of red. You can take the man out of Detroit but…

  4. Starting for your 2011-12 Tampa Bay Lightning… John Wesley Shipp.

    The crest is actually slightly less of a lawsuit fodder than the jersey, which I swear DC Comics actually sold a Flash colours version of at some point.

  5. Good colors and design. I think they could have done more with the logo but they kept it simple so it passes. I like the secondary logo just because of the “hockey club” addition.

  6. Not a fan at all. I actually kinda liked their old digs

  7. It looks like one of those standardized logos for custom teams on Ea NHL games.

  8. Did Pixar buy the team and not tell anybody? Those dark blue jerseys look like they could be directly from an unreleased Incredibles sequel.

  9. Yeah they are to plain, should kee the same ones if you ask me…that or come up with a new logo.

  10. Wasn’t a fan of the old logo(s), but always liked the colour scheme. Unfortunately, this sweater reminds me of the generic ‘bad guy’ team in some fake-looking hockey tv show or movie. Am I thinking of the Might Ducks’ foe? Maybe the cocky team from a Frosted Flakes commercial? The other team in Any Given Sunday?

  11. My first thought was definitely, “It’s the Flash! But in blue!”

    Having said that, I like the simplicity of it, if you look at teams with classic jerseys (Wings, Hawks, Leafs, Bruins, Habs) it’s all about a simple clean logo and a minimum # of complimentary colors and striping. Now, whether Tampa will really establish a history the way Yzerman wants is up to him… and Stamkos.

  12. ummm, did they do this because there not making any money?

    - their black ones were awsome, why r teams changing there jersays every 2 seasons…..garbage……

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  14. I gotta say, from a Hab perspective, that’s a very nice logo. Simple classic elegant design.
    Well done.

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