The Dump and Chase – 01/31/2011

Glowing Reviews for Raleigh

Michael Farber of Sports Illustrated gave Raleigh, North Carolina the proverbial ‘two thumbs up’ for the job the city and Hurricanes’ did in hosting the All-Star Game. Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy praised the weekend for the access it gave fans to one of the NHL’s forbidden fruits: personality from its players.

Every player said that they enjoyed the new format and hope to see it again next year. And why wouldn’t they? Friday’s Draft brought some personality out of guys and gave the team captains the opportunity to have some fun and make things uneasy for their fellow players — or teammates and brothers in the cases of Patrick Kane and Eric Staal. It let fans in on what they crave from players: personality.

Player Poll Reveals Crosby Among Most Respected

A poll conducted by the NHLPA and Hockey Night In Canada saw Sidney Crosby earn top marks in five categories: the smartest, the toughest forward to play against, the toughest player overall to face, the best role model, and top player to start a franchise with. Other highlights of the poll include resounding support for fighting to remain in the game, and top marks for Edmonton’s ice conditions but terrible reviews on the Oilers as a desirable franchise to play for.

New York Times Q and A with Donald Fehr

Not a bad read here with this NYT Donald Fehr interview. The NHLPA’s executive director is unsurprisingly cautious in his responses, but makes for a rather engaging interview.

Ray Emery Eyes Comeback Following Hip Surgery

Former Philadelphia Flyers and Ottawa Senators goaltender Ray Emery would like to play in the NHL again and he’s set to begin his trek back there. Emery has not played since last season before he was diagnosed with avascular necrosis, a degenerative disease which essentially destoryed the bone tissue in the ball of his right hip. Emery has begun practicing for the first time since an April bone graft operation to rejuvenate his hip:

“I’m ready to go and start training in the American Hockey League and know that my body can take that kind of exertion… The hockey’s not all the way there. I feel like a player at the end of the summer who needs some training and some games to get a feeling for the game again.”

Canucks Recall Cody Hodgson

It appears as though 2008 10th overall pick Cody Hodgson will get a chance to prove himself in the NHL as the Vancouver Canucks have called him up from the Manitoba Moose of the AHL.


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