We mentioned earlier that that the NHLPA released the results of their player survey over the weekend.  However, what we didn’t mention is that several questions were not released during the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast.

Until now.

Once again, we have a scoop that will shock the hockey world!  Today, for the first time, we present the unreleased questions from the NHLPA player survey.

Which team do you most often forget exists?

22% – Columbus Blue Jackets
19% – Nashville Predators
17% – Florida Panthers
15% – The Pacific Division

What nickname do you call Gary Bettman?

19% “Confused Napoleon”
15% “The Southern Dandy”
12% “Male Snookie”
10% “That guy who wrecked the sport.”

What’s most important when choosing a city to play in?

52% The quality and quantity of the strippers
44% The quality and quantity of the bars
3% Whether or not Matt Cooke plays there, or if I should take out extra insurance.
1% The history and competitiveness of the team

What’s the biggest obstacle you face in a season?

23% The grueling NHL schedule.
19% The quality of the competition.
15% The physical toll the game takes on your body.
14% Zdeno Chara

What do you look for in a teammate?

24% Overall talent
20% Respect and sportsmanship
18% A favourable personality
15% Penis size

What makes you ignore your coach?

52% Unwarranted outbursts
30% Lack of knowledge of the game
12% Disorganization
4% His name is Bruce Boudreau

What’s the most difficult part of being an NHL hockey player?

52% Limited family time during the season
40% The physical nature of the game
7% Looking cool while wearing a mouth guard
1% The increased celebrity makes it harder to hide the bodies of my victims than before

What would make you demand a trade from your current team?

45% I’d never do that
32% Wanting to win the Stanley Cup
12% Disagreements with other members on the team
2% Irrational fear of team mascot