Tonight Brent Johnson and Rick DiPietro participated in one of the most exciting moments that a hockey game can produce: a goalie fight.  Well… it was more like a “goalie one punch to the head and it’s over” but it was still fun.

That prompted us to take a look at some famous goalie fights in NHL history.  Enjoy this look at men wearing big pads throwing punches.

Ray Emery VS. Martin Biron

An excellent fight from a few years ago.   “Razor Ray” lays waste to Biron in this brawl between the Senators and the Sabres.

Patrick Roy VS. Chris Osgood

Possibly one of the most famous goalie fights ever.   At the height of the Red Wings/Avalanche rivalry, Roy and Osgood got it on.  This was the second of three famous fights between Roy and various Red Wing goaltenders.

The other two:

Patrick Roy VS. Mike Vernon

The one that started it all between Roy and the Wings.   This wasn’t just a goalie fight, it was two guys in pads who wanted to kill each other.  What a brawl.

Patrick Roy VS. Dominik Hasek

As usual, the third part of a trilogy fails to live up to expectations.   These two All-Star goaltenders really wanted to fight, the problem was they couldn’t really get to one another.   We miss the hatred between the Wings and the Avalanche.

Miikka Kiprusoff VS. Tomas Vokoun

This is a goalie fight you wouldn’t expect… and it shows.   This is more of a tussle than a fight, but it was a bizarre sight to see.

Felix Potvin vs. Ron Hextall

What a fight!  Hextall skates the length of the ice to take on Felix Potvin and the two men just unload on each other with punches.   Hextall was always known for being a tough goaltender but, before this fight, Potvin wasn’t.   That all changed after this night.

Tim Cheveldae VS. Curtis Joseph

This started off as a one-on-one fight between Cummins and Chase.  That didn’t last long.   It turned into a full-on brawl and Cheveldae and Joseph couldn’t help but get involved.

What’s your favourite goalie fight?