Scott Gomez for sale?

My French isn’t exactly up to snuff, but it looks like Scott Gomez and his locomotive-like skates can be had for $8 million. He’s a bit rusty, but his lethargy has kept him from becoming overly damaged. He apparently comes with Tom Pyatt, to boot. Trades are welcome, too.

Better get your bid in early as these things tend to disappear from Kijiji pretty quickly!

Stick tap HOTH reader Shannon S. for the tip

Comments (5)

  1. *shudder*

    Scott Gomez and bad French. I’m going to need something stronger.

  2. Respect to Pierre Gauthier for thinking outside the box.

  3. It actually means: Never snapped out of his slump

  4. I wouldn’t take him even if the scabs paid his salary

  5. … I think Down Goes Brown did this gag last year with Wade Redden.

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