Brent Johnson's gonna punch that smile off your face.

The New York Islanders official website reports that Rick DiPietro will miss 4-6 weeks with facial fractures and knee swelling. The busted face is a result of a one punch knockout courtesy of the indomitable Brent Johnson. We can only assume that “knee swelling” is DiPietro code for “broken ego”.

Time off is nothing new to Rick DiPietro who, if our count is correct, has missed a total of 176 NHL games due to various injuries. After rummaging through the annals of DiPietro injuries, we figured a list of the former number one pick’s ailments was in order.

Here is Rick DiPietro’s long and storied injury history and the number of Islanders games he’s missed:

Hip surgery: nine games

Knee surgery: 60 games

Swollen right knee: 41 games

Various knee injuries: 36 games

Lower body injury: one game

Groin: 13 games

Neck injury: two games

Concussion: one game

Personal reasons: three games

Flu: two games

Headache: eight games

It all adds up to one disappointing career, compounded by the ridiculous 15-year contract that DiPietro possesses. We wish you well, Rick DiPietro… even though we know you never will be.