The Dump and Chase – 02/04/2011

Beatdown in Beantown

To say things got out of hand in Boston last night would be an understatement. The Bruins’ 6-3 win over the Dallas Stars kicked off with three fights in the first four seconds and another altercation with just under four minutes to go in the first period. Knuckle sandwiches:

Things got ugly in the second when Dan Paille delivered a blindside hit to the head of Raymond Sawada. Days of Y’Orr have a decidedly one sided, if not hilarious, breakdown of the evening with some fantastic Photoshopping.

Scary Moment in Atlanta

Freddy Meyer became the second Atlanta Thrashers player to collapse on the ice during a game this season during Thursday’s game versus Calgary. Meyer began to stumble as he skated towards the bench before falling on the ice where he appeared to be convulsing.

Meyer would eventually skate off on his own power, but a frightening situation to say the least.

Sabres Sold

Sabres Edge has video of the press conference outlining the sale of the Buffalo Sabres to Pennsylvania billionaire Terry Pegula.

Jonas Gustavsson Sent to the AHL

Call it a conditioning stint or call it James Reimer is a little bit awesome. Either way, Gustavsson is heading to the Toronto Marlies of the AHL to get his shit together.

Brent Johnson Photoshops!

I’m a sucker for this stuff, but thePensblog really ran the gamut with these. There’s everything from the obligatory WWE shots to Steven Seagal references.

More Goalie Fights

Dominik at Lighthouse Hockey dug deep into the archives (read: YouTube) for more examples of classic goalie fights. There’s a handful of memorable performances from the one and only Billy Smith, so I do suggest you check that out.

Cam Ward Robs Brent

Carolina may have lost the game, but Cam Ward won the highlights.

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  1. Hey Scott, can you refresh my memory on something. Why the 3 fights in the Dal-Bos match? All i could dig up was that they had about 140 mins in penalties when they last played 2 years ago, but couldn’t see any hatred or incidents that lead to this. How does that even happen??

    Also, all of the Johnson – RDP fight highlights have just been highlights of the fight. What was the build up – line brawl or something?

  2. KingPete, from what I gather there was some bad blood between Steve Ott and Gregory Campbell (when he was with Florida) that dates quite a ways back. They squared off to begin the game and I have no idea what inspired the next two tilts.
    As for the Johnson RDP scrap, it started after DP sent Matt Cooke (of all people) flying as he approached the net late in the game. There was a minor skirmish between players before DP and Johnson decided to have a go.

  3. It’s hard to believe that there would be so much bad blood between teams that aren’t even in the same conference.

    I’d love to see these two teams play each other again this season.

  4. The Boston-Dallas hate goes back a few years from when Sean Avery (then with Dallas) and Steve Ott went around playing dirty, which pissed off Boston so Boston fought back. I think the hate has just carried over from then.

    I think it mentions it in the video of the 3 fights, but I’m not sure cause I didn’t watch it lol.

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