The Worst Hockey Cards of All-Time is a new feature at Houses of the Hockey. On occasion, we’ll be highlighting some of the ugliest, funniest, and error-ridden cards both past and present.

There’s a few things to appreciate with this hockey card from Upper Deck. For one, the most obvious, Mike Grier is chowing down on a slice of pizza. Mike is also wearing a watch in full hockey gear. I’ve played a bit of hockey and watched a lot of hockey and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hockey player sport an analog watch in their gear. Also, note the sweet 70s couch that Mike Grier is perched on.

Add it all up and you’ve got yourself a helluva hockey card right there.Stick tap reader Matt MacG for the tip the card and this great hockey card blog.

Although we consider ourselves a bunch of nostalgia crazy hockey geeks, and have all collected cards throughout the years, we’re always looking for new cards to highlight. If you have a hockey card you’d like to see featured, just email us at and we may post your submission.