A hockey fan can only endure so many fake Twitter accounts “reporting” some message board pipe dream that sent Patrick Kane and Brent Seabrook to the L.A. Kings for Wayne Simmonds and Thomas Hickey. Just because Someone wrote a sentence containing both ‘Ian White’ and the word ‘trade’, it doesn’t mean that Ian White was actually traded. Trade deadline season is upon us, which means that mass hysteria among web-savvy hockey fans is not only expected but in its own special way – it’s accepted.

We’ve got some big plans for deadline day on February 28th. So big that we’ll even tidy up a little bit, put on some clean cltothes, and strap mobile devices to every functioning limb on our bodies… just like the big boys. While you can’t really count on us to break a big trade unless, of course, an agent calls us asking for some kind of photoshop tribute to his departing client in advance of a transaction – you can expect us to be on top of things.

Much like last season, theScore has brought back its indispensable Trade Tracker. It comes complete with its own Facebook widget so you can trash talk your friends while his or her team mortgages their future on a rent-a-player or ships that expiring contract out of town in exchange for a prospect.

We’ll be unveiling plans for the big day over the course of the next week or so. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Trade Tracker for the latest transactions, rumours, and tweets from the most trusted sources. Trade deadline day is going to be awesome (e4).