Tomas Kaberle Traded To Boston

It’s finally, finally over.  Really.  The Toronto Maple Leafs have reportedly traded Tomas Kaberle to the Boston Bruins for prospect Joe Colborne, the Bruins’ first-round pick in 2011 and a Bruins’ conditional draft pick.

For the Leafs, it’s a good return for a player with an expiring contract and for the Bruins it’s another piece in what looks like a pretty impressive hockey team, and some offensive help for the Bruins’ defense..  The Leafs, who had no first-round pick just a few days ago, now have two.

Kaberle has played his entire NHL career with Toronto since coming into the NHL in 1998.

EDIT: The moves continue for Boston. They’ve traded Blake Wheeler and Mark Stuart to Atlanta for Rich Peverley and Boris Valabik.

While the Internet collapses under the weight of these developments, we’ll try and analyze the situation a bit.

The Kaberle trade comes after seemingly endless speculation and wait.  And we’re not just talking about over the last few days.

The Bruins and Leafs almost hammered out a trade that would see Kaberle play in Beantown back in 2009.  That deal, which fell apart on draft day, would have seen Kaberle and the Leafs first-round pick that year (which turned out to be Nazem Kadri) head to Boston in exchange for Phil Kessel.

If you take the Kessel trade that actually happened into account when considering today’s trade, this is what you’re now left with:

Phil Kessel, Joe Colborne (the Bruins’ first-round pick in 2008), the Bruins’ first-round pick in 2011 and a conditional draft pick end up in Toronto.

Tomas Kaberle, a 2010 first-round pick (Tyler Seguin), a 2010 second-round pick (Jared Knight) and a 2011 first-round pick are in Boston.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20, so looking at a trade that way doesn’t really mean much, but it’s still interesting.

It does, however, look like both teams benefit from this trade.

While the Leafs get a needed draft pick, Kaberle will provide some much-needed offense to a Boston blue line that includes Zdeno Chara, Steven Kampfer, Dennis Seidenberg, Andrew Ference, Mark Stuart, Adam McQuaid and Johnny Boychuk [EDIT] and now Boris Valabik.  Kaberle’s 38 points make him the leading point scorer on the Bruins’ defense.

Boston currently leads the Northeast Division and they sit third in the Eastern Conference.  That means that, in all likelihood, Kaberle will get the chance to participate in the playoffs for the first time since 2004.

The Bruins’ salary situation is another point to consider.

According to CapGeek, the maximum cap hit that they could acquire at this point is $2,522,705.  Kaberle has an annual cap hit of $4,250,000, which means his has $1,165,323 in salary remaining this year.  That leaves many wondering if the Bruins will try to shed some salary after this trade.  Blake Wheeler‘s name has come up a few times. EDIT: He has been traded along with Mark Stuart.  See above.

Burke traded with two of the Eastern Conference’s most powerful teams this week in Boston and Philadelphia.  How will the rest of the conference respond?  Will Kaberle pay off for Boston?  Will he just be a rental for the Bruins or will he re-sign this summer?  Does this trade mean the Leafs are now officially “sellers” or is the last playoff spot still a hope?

Despite all the questions, at least this whole situation is finally over.  It’s been a busy couple of days leading up to the deadline.  The Score’s Trade Tracker 2011 has all the deals listed.

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  1. queue a you tube search overload

  2. As a Bruins fan who lives in Ottawa this is a big day for me, between all the trades and getting stoked for the game tonight.

    I think the Kaberle deal is fair for both teams, Colborne could project as a legit #1 or (more likely) #2 center with good offensive upside, however the knock on him is he plays small for a guy who’s 6’6”. However he hasn’t exactly lit up the AHL this year and his training camp was good, not great, so there’s no reason to classify him as a “can’t-miss” prospect either. I initially heard that this deal involved the B’s sending Toronto’s 1st rounder (from the Kessel deal) back to the Leafs, but since it’s the B’s pick (likely to be 20th or worse in 1st round) that’s good for both teams. Boston will still likely get a top 10 pick and the Leafs now have 2 first rounders, even if they’re late.

    The Wheeler/Stuart-Peverley/Valabik trade is obviously all about cap, but seems decent enough. Stuart was buried on the depth chart this year after the emergence of rookie Steven Kampfer, and Wheeler has failed to progress as expected after his big rookie year 2 seasons ago. Peverley provides more depth up the middle (along with recent addition Chris Kelly) which the Bruins sorely need with Marc Savard out, and the flexibility to contribute in all three zones, at all three forward spots, in all situations.

    The real question for me now becomes is there any chance of re-signing Kaberle before he becomes a UFA, and does he have any desire to stay in Boston without first testing the free agent waters? If Kaberle walks and Boston doesn’t win the cup with him this year first, this deal could bite the B’s in the B-hind.

  3. Thank God it is finally over.

  4. Can anyone imagine Thomas Kaberla as a BIG BAD BRUIN. I do not think he has hit any opposition player in all the years he played in Toronto. Just my thought…

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  6. As a huge Leaf fan for life, the Bruins are getting a really good player in Kaberle. He doesnt flatten anyone or even take shots on net, but his PP performance is priceless. He is a solid defenceman who can move the puck very well and put up 60-75 pts per season. Kabby will be missed but Leafs have to build for the times to come. Kaberle to get a standing ovation when he returns to the ACC gauranteed.

  7. he’s been over rated the last few years and needs to shoot more , he will be missed but it just hasnt been the same without mccabe teaming with him . Best of luck to his future !

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