Soak this one in folks, because this is about as close to a Dennis Green moment as you’ll get from Ottawa GM Bryan Murray.

After Murray detonated his latest stick of dynamite on Ottawa’s demolition and traded goaltender Brian Elliot to Colorado this morning in a straight-up swap for Craig Anderson, the mastermind behind the remaining rubble that is the Senators stepped up to the podium. He then proceeded to put his obvious guy hat on, and state what has been in plain view for a very long time.

Maybe Bryan, just maybe.

Maybe the closet Ottawa has come to a top tier starter since the failed stint of Domink Hasek is Ray Emery, who at least at the time reflected the notion of the “right goaltender,” but certainly lacked in the “doesn’t care about anything other than playing well” category.

Maybe that trade deadline acquisition of an already fragile Pascal LeClaire has been a farce, and has resulted in the team having a walking hospital bill (three cheers for the Canadian healthcare system!) at the end of the bench. He’s not safe there either.

And maybe this tells the nightmare story of the seven goalies who have appeared in Ottawa’s crease since Murray took over the GM reins full-time in the summer of 2007…

Goalie Game appearances Save percentage
Martin Gerber 71 0.900
Ray Emery 31 0.890
Brian Elliot 130 0.900
Pascal LeClaire 48 0.899
Alex Auld 43 0.911
Mike Brodeur 7 0.898
Robin Lehner 7 0.890
Total 337 0.898